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Entrepreneurs are busy every day keeping their business healthy, although this doesn’t mean they think about insurance every day. Despite the fact that running any business can often involve high risks, for example, what if you or your employee becomes ill and cannot work. Of if you knock over an expensive vase while visiting a client. There are unforeseeable situations in which a business often cannot cover the risk. In the worst case, this may mean bankruptcy. The right business insurance is essential and can help you avoid major damage and unexpected costs.

INSURED helps entrepreneurs to make an overview of all their risks and to manage them well. We can compare all the Spanish insurance policies and advise which best suits your business.

INSURED offers more than just business insurance policies for entrepreneurs in Spain.
For every business we can look at your activities and make an analysis of your company’s specific risks so that we can advise you about which insurance policies are suitable and necessary. By having insurance to cover your high or other risks, you can have more confidence in running your business.

Below we list a number of important business insurance policies:

• Company liability insurance. A company liability insurance will cover any damage that occurs during work activities, for example, should you or an employee knock over a valuable item in a client’s house. This damage is not covered by your personal liability insurance policy because it falls under your business risk. A company liability policy will provide reimbursement for this sort of damage..

• Professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will cover any damage due to your giving the wrong advice to someone. If it is possible that your advice could lead to unforeseen damage for your client, it is important and advisable to insure against this risk.

•Building insurance. A building or property insurance covers any damage to your business premises. These can suffer damage in a number of ways, for example from storm, lightening, fire, or burglary. Depending on whether you are the owner or lessee/tenant, you can choose what risks you need to insure against.

• Legal assistance insurance. Legal assistance insurance covers the costs of having professional legal help. And at times entrepreneurs also require legal help in a conflict or court case. It is advisable to have both professional and financial support in a legal conflict involving your business, particularly since legal expenses can quickly build up.