Legal notice

Legal notice


Pursuant to Spain’s Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act 34/2002 of 11 July, as owner of this Website MUTUARISK CORREDURIA DE SEGUROS S.A.U. VINCULADA A MUTUA DE PROPIETARIOS hereby notifies users of the following information:

This Website at the URL (hereinafter, the Website) has been designed, developed and created and is made available by MUTUARISK CORREDURIA DE SEGUROS S.A.U. VINCULADA A MUTUA DE PROPIETARIOS (hereinafter, “MUTUARISK”). Below is relevant information concerning it:

Registered address: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 533, local, 08011 BARCELONA

Tax code: A60356805

Registry information: Registered in the Barcelona Company Register in Volume 44824, Folio20, Sheet B-102111.

Information on its administrative authorisation: MUTUARISK is monitored and controlled by the Directorate General of Insurance and is registered in the Special Administrative Register of insurance intermediaries, reinsurance brokers and their senior officers of the Directorate General of Insurance under the Ministry of Economy with number J-2138.

Owner’s website:

If you would like to raise or resolve any disputes, incidents or other issues in relation to accessing and browsing the Website or with respect to the content and services it provides, please contact us by phone, email and/or post as shown below:

MUTUARISK also has a customer service department to attend to and resolve your complaints through E2K GLOBAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.A., whose contact details are as follows: E2K SERVICIO DE ATENCIÓN AL CLIENTE, C/ Marzo, 23 02002-ALBACETE, email and phone no. 967 663 901.

  • Postal address: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 533, local, 08011 BARCELONA



MUTUARISK recommends you read this Legal Notice carefully before accessing, using and browsing the Website.

It sets out the terms and guidelines for your access to and use of the Website and the contents displayed and published on it.

By simply accessing, using and browsing the Website and the contents and services provided on it, you expressly and unreservedly accept the terms set out in this Legal Notice, represent you have read, are familiar with and understand it and accept all the obligations incumbent upon you as a user of the Website.

This Legal Notice is valid for an indefinite period of time insofar as it is not amended. Nonetheless, MUTUARISK reserves the right to change the presentation, configuration and content of the Website and this Legal Notice.

By accessing, using and browsing the Website after the entry into force of any changes or amendments you accept them.

Notwithstanding the regulations contained in this Legal Notice, MUTUARISK reserves the right to establish special terms and conditions of use of the Website, in which case you are also bound by the content of any such special terms and conditions of use as may be published.



1. MUTUARISK’s obligations and liability in relation to the information published via the Website

MUTUARISK regularly reviews the content published and made available via the Website, takes appropriate action to ensure the accuracy and precision of such information, updates it on a regular basis and corrects any errors as quickly as possible.

However, MUTUARISK cannot warrant the absolute absence of errors or the continuous updating of the information provided.

It is expressly stipulated that in no case will MUTUARISK be liable for:

  • The continuous availability of the Website’s contents and services.
  • The existence of errors in such content and services.
  • The presence of viruses or other harmful components on the Website or on the server which supplies it.
  • The vulnerability of the Website and/or the effectiveness of the security measures in place on it.
  • Any failure of the contents and services of the Website to be useful or perform satisfactorily.
  • Any damage or harm you cause to yourself or to a third party by infringing the conditions, rules and instructions which MUTUARISK specifies for accessing and using the Website or by violating the Website’s security systems.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, MUTUARISK represents that to the best of its ability and taking into account the state of the art it has implemented all the measures required to safeguard the operation of the Website and prevent the presence on it of viruses or other malicious or harmful components.

  1. Your obligations and liability as a user.

By way of example and not limitation, as a user of the Website you undertake:

  • To access, use and browse the Website in compliance with current legislation and regulations, good faith, public order and generally accepted customs and practices, and also to access, use and browse the Website in accordance with the options and services it offers and the purposes for which it was designed. You further undertake not to use the Website for any purposes other than the one specified in this Legal Notice.
  • Not to use the Website or its contents for illicit purposes contrary to the law and regulations or harmful to the rights or interests of MUTUARISK and/or third parties, whether individuals or legal entities.
  • Not to cause harm, damage or impairment to the software, tools and/or contents which constitute and make up the Website and not to hamper its normal operation.
  • Not to cause damage to the Website’s physical and logical systems or introduce or spread computer viruses or malware of any kind or any other tools likely to cause similar or analogous damage on the Internet via the Website.
  • Not to use any type of automated process to access, use and/or browse the Website.
  • You are solely and exclusively responsible for how you use the Website and the content and tools made available on it and accept sole and exclusive liability of any kind which may arise from breach by you of the obligations contained in this Legal Notice and/or legislation and regulations on your access to, use and browsing of the Website with respect to MUTUARISK and any third parties. Accordingly, MUTUARISK does not accept any liability, whether directly or indirectly, arising from breach by you of the commitments and obligations set out in the preceding paragraphs and will be held harmless from any liability, whether directly or indirectly, for any damage or injury to you as a user of the Website and/or any third party caused by your misuse, intentional or otherwise, of the Website and/or content, tools and utilities made available on it, and for any failure to comply with this Legal Notice or any other documents that may be published by MUTUARISK on the Website and which bind the users of the Website.
  • You expressly release and hold harmless MUTUARISK against any liability and/or claim made by any third-party individual or legal entity which may arise as a result of your access to, use and browsing of the Website.
  • MUTUARISK enables users of this website to report and notify MUTUARISK about any abuses, incidents, infringements of rights, inappropriate content or content contrary to these terms and conditions which may appear on this website and which users may become aware of by emailing



The Website may host on a temporary or permanent basis links, hyperlinks or similar technologies (hereinafter and generically referred to as links) which redirect you to other pages or websites and/or advertising spaces managed by third parties.

The sole purpose of any such links will be to enable and allow you to access content and/or services that may be of interest and which in all cases will be managed by third parties and not by MUTUARISK.

MUTUARISK accepts no liability for or claims ownership of the content, services and any other information provided by third parties which may be hosted by the links available on the Website.

MUTUARISK accepts no liability whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, arising from any connections which may be made through the links or the contents to which they lead, and does not warrant the technical availability, legality, truthfulness, usefulness, quality, reliability, accuracy, correctness or common decency of any content, information or services accessed through such links provided that they are not directly managed or controlled by MUTUARISK.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the inclusion of external links and connections does not in any way entail the existence of any association, relationship or partnership between MUTUARISK and the connected third party organisations or persons.



MUTUARISK does not warrant the uninterrupted availability, access and continuity of operation of the Website, or that access to the Website will not be temporarily interrupted for technical reasons, or that the content accessed by you or the software that underlies the Website is always error-free.

Consequently, MUTUARISK accepts no liability whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, within the limits set by law for any harm to users of the Website which is caused by or may result from unavailability, access failures, lack of continuity of the Website, disruption, interruptions or blockage of service, omissions, deficiencies or overloading of telephone or Internet lines, breakdowns or disconnections of the system, or with respect to any damage or harm resulting from illegal interference in the Website whether in the form of malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, malicious code or any other similar elements.

Likewise, MUTUARISK accepts no liability whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, for any consequences, damage or harm of any kind which you may sustain as a result of accessing and/or using the information made available via the Website.



All the industrial and intellectual property rights of the Website, its graphic designs, information and codes contained therein, content and software that underlies it, and trademarks, trade names, domain names and any other industrial and/or commercially applicable content relating to the service, functionality or utilities of the Website belong solely and exclusively to the organisation or have been included on the Website with prior permission from their rightful owners and/or in compliance with current legislation and regulations.

Pursuant to the right of reservation stipulated in intellectual property legislation, MUTUARISK objects to the use of this Website and its elements protected by intellectual property law for the purposes of text and data mining without first having obtained its prior written permission.

The fact that the Website makes available assets and/or utilities protected by industrial and intellectual property regulations may not under any circumstances be construed as granting users of the Website any licence to exploit them in whole or in part. Users must obtain prior express written permission from the legitimate owners of the intangible asset in question in order to obtain such a licence.

You expressly agree and undertake to respect each and every one of the assets protected by industrial or intellectual property rights which you access through the Website, and you are expressly prohibited from engaging in any act of reproduction, distribution, public communication, provision, transformation and in general any form of exploitation of any intangible assets, works or content you access through the Website, except with the prior express written permission of the legitimate owners of the intangible asset in question.

Please note that by hosting any content on this website as a result of using it, you agree to transfer any and all rights of exploitation of such content, i.e. the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, to MUTUARISK free of charge and for an indefinite period of time.



To learn how we process your data, please see our Privacy Policy (here).



To learn which cookies we use on this Website, please see our Cookie Policy (here).



MUTUARISK reserves the right to change, delete or update the information made available on the Website, its internal configuration or its presentation at any time and without prior notice.

Likewise, MUTUARISK reserves the right to amend the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy made available to users through the Website in whole or in part, including amending or deleting clauses at its discretion, without prior notice and at the time it deems appropriate.

Any amendments which may be made will replace, add to and/or alter the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Amendments may be made on grounds including technical changes in the service provided through the Website, changes in regulations or changes in the features of the Website, or in order to safeguard the availability of the Website in the event of abusive manual or robotised access to it.

You expressly acknowledge, understand and accept that MUTUARISK may amend its Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and/or Cookie Policy, and by continuing to use the service provided by the Website after such amendments you agree to accept them.

Likewise, MUTUARISK reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the Website without prior notice for the purpose of maintaining, repairing, updating or improving it, or permanently discontinue the availability and provision of the Website.



Access to and use of MUTUARISK’s accounts and pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, or any other social media site on which MUTUARISK may decide to open an account, page and/or profile in the future, is subject to the following terms and conditions of use:

  • These are public forums, so when you post any data, comments or information you accept that it may be seen by other users of the social media site concerned and MUTUARISK. Hence we recommend you do not use these public forums to provide personal data and instead use the private messaging services available on these social media sites.
  • Please speak in “I” statements and try to add value in your comments by providing verified information. You are responsible for your contributions and the consequences for your image and reputation. In case of doubt, it is better not to say anything.
  • These sites are forums for exchanging opinions or for constructive debate and not for stirring up controversy, belittling other users or third parties, or for submitting complaints which should be sent through the specific channels which MUTUARISK has in place for this purpose.
  • Be respectful of other users and MUTUARISK staff. Use appropriate and courteous language.
  • Do not post advertising material or use this profile to look for a job.
  • We have to ensure this profile is used properly and therefore as administrator MUTUARISK reserves the right to remove without right to reply any post on this profile:
    • We deem unlawful, disrespectful, threatening, unfounded, libellous, defamatory, obscene, inappropriate or ethically or socially discriminatory.
    • Includes third-party data without permission.
    • Contains any type of advertising or publicity material whether personal or for the benefit of third-party individuals or legal entities.
    • Is redundant.
    • Repeatedly posts the same content.
    • Is not related to the purpose of the site.
    • Is in breach the terms of use set out here.
  • You may only download, copy or print content for personal or private use.

MUTUARISK disclaims any liability for the opinions expressed on its respective social media profiles and does not warrant the truthfulness, accuracy or timeliness of the information contained therein. Likewise, it accepts no liability for any external websites which may be accessed through links from these profiles or for any content made available by third parties.



The Website’s Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Contract and Cookie Policy have been drawn up in Spanish and Catalan pursuant to the laws and regulations of Spain. All users of the Website accept Spanish law as the governing legislation for all relations with MUTUARISK through this Website.

In the absence of any legal provision requiring submission to a particular jurisdiction, the parties expressly waive any other venue to which they may be entitled and the user agrees that any disputes concerning their relationship with MUTUARISK will be settled in the courts of the city of Barcelona. In this respect, if the user is a consumer (i.e. an individual or legal entity acting outside the scope of a business or professional activity), the foregoing does not apply and instead the courts of their place of residence will have jurisdiction.

Last update: 16 March 2023