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Life insurances

If you or your partner should die, you can face high costs. In addition, a large part of your (joint) fixed income may stop. A family income insurance policy can take care of that worry and ensure that an amount is paid to the remaining partner to cover all his or her costs. You or your partner and/or family can then continue to live as you were used to.

Another type of policy is a dependants’ income insurance, which ensures that the remaining partner and/or family have sufficient financial means after your own death or that of your partner. For example, to continue paying the mortgage or rent, and/or for the children’s sports clubs. Or to help with the extra costs incurred for household help or childcare. Important costs that you or your partner would like to be able to pay for easily.

N.B. These two types of insurance are not the same as a funeral insurance. A funeral insurance is only intended to cover the cost of the actual funeral, not other expenses. A family income and/or dependants’ insurance will help cover all the extra costs that are incurred if one the partners should die.

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Do you know that:

You can also take out insurance cover against disability? Disability or illness could mean a drop in income and this insurance offers an insured capital to help pay for your running costs and any extra costs.