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House and household contents insurance

In Spain, the house and the household contents are insured together in one package. However, it is also possible to insure them separately if desired or necessary. For home owners it is very important to insure both the house and its contents. But if you are renting a property, it is primarily the household contents insurance that is important to cover your personal possessions. Nonetheless, it can be advisable to take out house insurance for a low premium so that the insurance company can deal directly with any small incidents of (accidental) damage rather than involving the house owner or landlord.

House insurance

A house insurance policy covers damage to the house from fire, lightening or water, for example. Electrical damage and repairs due to vandalism are also covered. Luckily these situations do not occur often, so the premiums for such policies are low.

It is important to state all the features of your house, like the number of square meters, the year it was built, and any security measures in place, so that you can be certain the insurance offers full cover. We will ask for details like the area of the house and property, and what material the house is built of, while it is also important to know if there is a terrace, garden, swimming pool, etc. This information gives us a good picture of the house to be insured and means we can offer you a policy tailored to your personal situation.

If you are buying a property, we strongly advise you to take out house and contents insurance since any damage can quickly prove expensive to repair. If you are renting a property in Spain, we also recommend you take out a house insurance. This will be inexpensive and means you can deal with any (accidental) damage via the insurance company and not via the house owner or landlord.

Household contents insurance

A household contents policy will insure all the non-fixed goods in your house against burglary, theft and fire. It is advisable to take out such a policy whether you rent a property or buy one. This avoids facing unnecessary expenses should anything happen. The total value of all your possessions is often much higher than you would think. Just consider all the items you have in your house by way of electronic and other equipment, furniture, jewellery, antiques, clothing, CD/DVDs, etc.

Most insurance companies also offer cover for the consequences of damage, such as replacing door locks if you should lose your keys, or compensation for food stored in your freezer or refrigerator if they should malfunction. You may also be able to claim compensation if you are robbed on the street. And if you have personal liability insurance, the company will also cover legal assistance.

Did you know that:

  • In Spain the personal liability insurance is part of the household contents insurance? (A house insurance policy of course offers cover against personal liability that can be claimed because of your house, but in Spain you can also choose to take out a personal legal liability insurance policy)
  • In Spain theft outside your home is also covered by your household contents insurance?