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Car insurance

If you have a car, motor home or motorbike, etc. with a Spanish number plate, you must insure your vehicle.

The premium is calculated according to various criteria, such as the type of car, age of the driver and the number of claim-free years (no-claim bonus). You will get more discount on your car insurance for having more claim-free years, the so-called no-claim discount. If you want to change your car insurance, you can carry your discount to another car insurance company.

In Spain car insurance covers the car owner/main driver and other drivers who have the owner’s permission to use the car, as long as they are over 25 years old and have had their driving licence for at least two years. Young and/or inexperienced drivers who do not meet both these conditions must be named on the insurance policy. This is a major difference with UK car insurance, but similar to the Dutch situation. Paragraph added

If you are not insured in Spain at the moment, we advise you to check with your current or last car insurance company in your home country and request a statement of the number of claim-free years you have built up. With this statement, and knowing the cover you desire, we can seek out the most suitable and cheapest car insurance policies for you to choose from.

If you already have a car insurance in Spain, you only need to give us your ID number and current policy number. On the basis of your claim-free years and desired cover, we can find the most suitable and cheapest car insurance policies for you to choose from.

 Did you know that:

  • You can carry over your claim-free years from your home country to most Spanish insurance companies for car insurance?
  • Spanish car insurance includes a free tow/recovery service; if you need to use it, you do not lose any of your claim-free years or your no-claim discount?
  • Spanish car insurance policies include a standard passenger cover?