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Don't let your loved ones worry.

Choose a funeral and repatriation insurance from insured.


Funeral and repatriation insurance

A funeral is often expensive. Having an insurance policy provides peace of mind for your loved ones or dependants, knowing the costs will be covered. You can take out a funeral and/or repatriation insurance policy.

Funeral insurance

If you have funeral insurance, the costs of a funeral in Spain will reimbursed. However, funeral insurance covers more than just the costs associated with a funeral. What is most appreciated is the help that is offered in the preparation of services, the funeral itself, and dealing with all the paper work. In the case of a death, the loved ones only need to contact the insurer and from that moment the funeral director will take over all the arrangements (in consultation with your loved ones).

Certainly when you live in Spain and your family is elsewhere, it is important to consider these types of insurance. Have you thought about where you would like to be buried or cremated, in your home country or in Spain? Perhaps your family or loved ones do not speak Spanish, in which case they will particularly appreciate having a contact person who speaks their own language.


Repatriation insurance

For expats who live in Spain but who would like to be buried or cremated in their home country, we strongly advise taking out repatriation insurance. This will cover the costs of being repatriated (taken back to your home country).

In principle, a repatriation insurance only covers the cost of transport and not the costs involved in arranging a funeral in your home country. However, if there are funds remaining in the insurance sum after the transport has been paid, there is a possibility to use these funds for the funeral, although this is not guaranteed. In comparing the different repatriation policies, we will take this into account and tell you clearly what is covered by each policy.


Funeral or repatriation insurance?

Expats in Spain need to choose whether they wish to be buried or cremated in Spain, or whether they want to be returned to their home country for this. For a burial or cremation in Spain, a funeral insurance is sufficient. If you wish to be returned to your home country, a Spanish funeral insurance is not necessary and we would advise you to take out a repatriation policy.

We can help you make the right decision for you by asking the right questions for you to think about. Want to find out what type of insurance is best for you and how much it will cost? Click here.