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Travel insurance

Everyone goes on holiday or travels occasionally. Some people go away more often than others and you can select your travel insurance accordingly. If you go on holiday once or twice a year, single trip travel insurance is often sufficient. If you go away more often, and that includes weekends trips, then it is practical to have an annual (multi-trip) travel insurance policy. And if you visit your home country regularly, it is advisable to have travel insurance since you are no longer insured there.

If you already have private healthcare insurance in Spain, you probably have cover for medical costs abroad already. However, the policy may include rules and limitations so it is important to have these looked at. It may well be advisable to take out extra travel insurance. If you should have any questions, or would like us to check your total cover, please contact our Client service.

If you go on adventurous holidays or participate in dangerous sports like skiing, mountain climbing, or parachute jumping, it is certainly important to insure this extra risk.

Single trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance provides cover for only the days you are away from home. It stops at the end of your trip. The premium is one-off.

Annual travel insurance

When you take out annual (i.e. multi-trip) travel insurance, you are always insured. You pay the premium per month, per quarter or per year and the insurance is automatically extended each year. Given that weekends away and city trips are also covered by this type of policy, it is often the most practical travel insurance to meet your requirements