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Insurance can be easy.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help and advise you.


About us

INSURED is the independent comparison site for private insurance in Spain. At INSURED you can compare the premiums and conditions for all Spanish insurance policies, so that you can make the best choice based on your criteria and personal preferences. And then you can directly take out this insurance policy. In your own language! It couldn’t be easier.

INSURED works hard to ensure that all the insurance policies it offers are up-to-date. As soon as there are any changes in the range offered or if new insurance companies start up, we update our website immediately.

And once you have taken out insurance through INSURED, we are there to help and advise you further if you have any questions. For example, about what costs are reimbursed via your insurance policy, or if you need help with making a claim. We can also advise about extending a contract, when it may be better to transfer to another insurance policy or company. We keep a close check on such matters for you. And of course, this service can be provided in your own language.

Just to be clear: INSURED is independent and not part of any insurance company or interest group. INSURED does not accept any fee to place one insurance company above another in our comparisons. We can therefore truly say we are 100% independent. We do, however, accept commissions for policies taken out via our website or with our advice.

We compare Spanish insurance policies and companies

As an expat in Spain you want to be well insured. So that you won’t have to face any surprises if something should happen. In searching for an insurance, everyone has their own list of requirements and wishes, each situation is different, and there are many important issues to consider such as your current or future situation, language and conditions. Which insurance is the best for you? It is essential to consider every point carefully. The Spanish insurance sector works in a different way to what you were used to in your home country. Spanish household contents policies, for example, offer the option to link them to a private liability insurance policy, while a Spanish car insurance always includes a tow/recovery service and passenger cover. And a Spanish healthcare insurance is linked to just one or a few specific hospitals. There are many more ways in which insurance can differ and these are important for you to know about when you live in Spain. This is why we advise you to get in touch with us, with no obligation, so that we can help and advise you in finding the right insurance policies for you and your situation. INSURED has been specifically set up to do just this: we compare Spanish insurance policies and companies. INSURED monitors all Spanish insurance policies under one roof, including the best one for you! We are completely independent advisers and have no special relationships with the insurance companies. We can therefore guarantee that our aim is to help and advise you in finding the right insurance policy for you. In your own language. We couldn’t make it any easier.


Why use INSURED?

  • INSURED is 100% independent
  • Easy to compare and review on the basis of premium and/or conditions
  • The best and cheapest insurance on the basis of your personal wishes
  • Client service in your own language
  • Rapid service to deal with requests